Dating Transgender Women for Gentlemen is a compilation of

Amanda Valentine’s weekly dating articles on
It also features her personal struggles as a transgender woman
in the world of dating. Seeking for the kind of love that’s often looked
down upon by the society can prove to be a conundrum for gentlemen
and trans women. However, with this book, you’ll find this
seemingly daunting situation to be an easy feat.

This comprehensive dating guide book gets down to the nitty-gritty of
different kinds of transgender women, which was made possible by Amanda’s
no-holds-barred inclusion of her and her friends’ perspectives.
Transgender women are the prize.
They’re not desperate for love. The Supply vs. Demand when it comes to
trans dating gives the gentleman the shorter end of the stick.
This is why you need a book like Dating Transgender Women for Gentlemen
to help you finally realize your dreams of having a transgender girlfriend.

Let Amanda Valentine’s 13 years of dating be complicit into turning you to
the best boyfriend that a trans woman truly deserves.

“I like how it feels like you’re having a conversation with the reader. Everybody can learn from this book.”

Brenda Facemire
Keeping it Real
Blog Talk Radio

“This book is chocked full of great tips for finding your partner, establishing your relationship and living happily ever after. I can thoroughly recommend the read.”

Yumi Cox
Mile High Club: A Transgender Romance Novel


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