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Your feelings for transgender women shouldn’t
be defined by society’s latest trend called bigotry.
Transgender women deserve
REAL relationships, REAL emotions,
and most importantly… REAL men.

Dating Transgender Women for Gentlemen is a collection
of trans women’s real experiences in the ever-punishing world
we all call online dating. Let my 13 years of bad romance
tell you of what we truly want in a life partner.

Transwoman Etiquette Trilogy (New!)

You're NOT Weird

Often times, men get a lot of flak simply by
getting involved in a relationship with a trans woman.
The majority’s hesitant in pursuing us because of their fears of
being labeled gay, fruit, on the down low, pseudo-straight, and more.

This results in them, not being able to truly own up to their feelings;
which in turn, makes trans women lose trust
and think of men as jerks.

In this book, you’re not only going to
discover how to successfully seduce women like us,
you’re also going to find out that when it
comes to relationships… we have SO much to offer.

If you’re a gentleman who’s looking
for a high-quality life partner,
Dating Transgender Women for Gentleman
is the book for you.

What You'll GET

This book is a collection
of the best articles
from my dating column in
My Transsexual Date
(the top dating website for transgender women).

I’ve created it in the best way to
be as cohesive and in-depth as possible.

I’ve also added a lot of
unpublished work to provide you
with more than a hundred percent of what
you’ll need to be well-equipped in this battle for love.


What we want and who to avoid ✔
Online dating & perfect dating profile ✔
Simu-dating, multi-dating, & secretly dating ✔
Asking Out ✔
High-quality transgender women ✔
First date, first night, first sex ✔
Moods, challenges, infidelity, fetish ✔
Sex, roles, pleasure ✔
Finding a soulmate and MORE ✔


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